About Us

We are wundertax. We make taxes easy and stress-free.

We're a fintech company providing online solutions for consumers to submit their income tax declarations.

Besides the main tool steuererklaerung.de wundertax also runs tailor made tax platforms for professions like soldiers, policemen, firefighter, expats in Germany, apprenticees, students etc.

Consumers can get a lot of money back with tax declarations, but it’s complicated, time-consuming and no one really understands them.

We are on a mission to change that: With specialized tax tools and modern UX, we are currently rethinking the whole tax industry.

Why should you join us?

At wundertax we...

  1. are data driven &
    customer centered
  2. value a collaborative &
    diverse working environment
  3. work self-organized
    with adaptive processes
  4. care about work/life balance
    in order to stay productive

...and it’s also fun to work with us

Open office structure
Choose your equipment
Complimentary food &
Happy hours &
team events